Taiwan military needs do its duty http://www.wretch.cc/blog/angustung726&article_id=14095366 (ref. "angustung726 at March 20 2007 04:32AM comment) Taiwan military, you need do your duty to investigate the above web site blogger or bloggers, because I suspect that web site blogger or bloggers is/are "Huang.Whore" gangsters grouped criminals chained. 1. You should first investigate who the so called "angustung726" is or was or are, is he or she or are they indeed mental related medical expert(s)? 2. You should investigate what that so called "kueiyingwlin" comment(s) posted and then deleted by that so called "angustng726". The blog owner deleted other posters comments is not a big deal, the big deal is blog owner deleted the other side comment(s), yet called the name. It was or is a "Huang.Whore" pattern of crimes, you military must not see it lightly. It can happen to me, it must have had happened to Chiang KaiShake or MouJerDong or Confucius, it may happen to your any military commander. 3. Taiwan military, you need to know "Huang.Whore" gangsters crimes far more serious to collapse you than any your enemy, yet, your civil or criminal court has no way to deal with them, therefore, you must do your duty to make self defense to guard your beloved country to face and deal with them the sooner the better off for all of you. Military needs to know that "Killing" is one of your most heavy duty, you must have the guts to do the tough love kill, you must not like "Fool.Ren.Zhi.Ren" boneless, you must not kill because of hate, you must kill because of love of your country, love of righteousness, love of yourself. Yes, military must have the guts to kill because of loveself, because military life not belongs to self, belongs to your country. You military in TAiwan must learn the lesson from MouJerDong's warriors previous mistakes, do not commit the same related mistakes that MouJerDong's warriors committed, you must make sure you live longer than those "Huang.Whore" gangsters grouped war criminals chained, because your civilians male from boy to young man to old folks most likely already collapsed by those female dressed animals shameless "Huang.Whore" vampires that dried out your future or your near future resourced pools, you must do better tough love than MouJerDong's warriors dare kill all those "Huang.Whore" criminals or suspected criminals gone with wind, Yes, I say - you must kill SUSPECTED "HUang.Whore" criminals, because military must not afford the AMERICAN TIME to wait and see. You must send the biggest "Huang.Whore" criminal Angus Tung to my place to jail with me, because he is the only hope may be curable (Because he has the best good sense that I have had known, his good sense is 信用貸款same as or better than mine, the difference is I am a woman afford live isolated, he is a man with no right to live alone until proved gilty must be jailed alone. Because he has the best good sense, therefore, once he lives with me, he can sense the best point from me to become super man to help cure all your less sicked that still live at that time. ) to back to your country to help you to know how to curable your less evil "Huang.Whore" to help you like long life tomorrow.Taiwan military, you need keep an eye watching any stupid bad ugly evil activilities taking place in Mainland China and help Mainland China "8.6-陸軍" kill as many "Huang.Whore" criminals or suspected criminals as you can. I think you can check the Head 濫 like this - "象山:把美??成?富" [ http://www.fisheryday.com/gb/nbxs/node203/node821/index.html ]to suspect the "Huang.Whore" gangsters slavery chained. You need to know that your sea land all collapsed, do not unrealistically waste money to build any navy by yourself, I know more about them than anyone of you, the best sea man already killed by them, the rest of the skillful already slaved by them, you cannot have good man to fill your navy fleet. You need to investigate who prepare, design and arrange the dress for Angus Tung that showed in :[“半?之夜”大型演唱?](http://www.fisheryday.com/gb/nbxs/node5/node11/node704/userobject1ai66619.html). Because I sensed that dress Angus Tung showed must be an underground chained slavery secret code as "陰陽裝"-尹清楓-楊國祥-莊坤易(886-33-322276.Athletics Department)-殷琪-楊瓊-莊子( I think most likely means 于丹)-高齊之-貧窮-瓶子-李瓊-李平-謝理麗-斜陽-譚陽-檀香山-陽明山-楊弦(楊國祥's art name. ref.[http://ent.qq.com/a/20070912/000040.htm])-唐玄宗-唐高宗-宗宗(one of 林玄女 son's nickname)-宗毓華-俞國華-於梨華-李菊花-余俊-余天-高俊明-明天-?豫-?坤-?乾-"Young.Phone.Ing.Way." - "NG.國.Phone"-吳國豐(王彩菊 husband)-"蘇武.Phone."(余俊's son-in-law;余玲's husband; notice 余玲-王彩菊-王羽-柴玲-余俊)-郭陽明(713-721-1143 713-988-9000)-吳郭魚-鱸魚-盧秉郁(her English name Ping Horsley, her husband James Hrsley, 281-782-3529, 281-376-6188, 18107 Colonial Forest Circle, Spring, TX 77379)-?豫有?-沉魚落雁-嚴樂-于佑任-于斌-余陳月英-陳?豫-陳露-陳清煙(more than ten years ago, he's Taiwan government official PingPong coach in Guatemala city, at that time his phone#83425 in Guatemala City, he's very close to JungShiauLin and had visited to the Kenswick house where my kids and I had lived in Humble between 1986-1996)-陳菊--"Young.Phone.Ing.Way."-"龍.Phone.Pay"-魏瓏瓏-龍井-精神-經營之神(王永慶's nickname known publicly)-魏京生-陸培才-柴玲-余玲 酒店兼職-王彩菊-王羽-陸羽-陸羽茶莊-茶葉-葉清萍(吳彩花's husband or late husband)-吳彩花-葉宗祈(I saw him in Guatemala city before 1985 together with JungShiauLin's brother JungYaoLin's wife YoungLeadJyuan, JungShiauLin told me that 葉宗祈 was shot to death in Panama City 2003 or 2004 when I was living in Honduras.JungShiauLin had his cell phone number in China looked like 13701602378 or 13901602378)-吳玉林-李玉燕-王麗燕-汪麗燕-陳燕燕-李妍-李艷秋-秋謹-王士瑾(her English name Jenny Ho, Ho is her ex-husband 何華山 last name)-樂詩川-"穿.Jean.Die銀"-林銀-王秋影(童永輝's wife)-邱智代(蕭明賢's wife; notice Angus Tung's song "The Seventh Year" song words Chinese sounding as "Jane.Jane.*Ming.Xian*" as 明賢)-戴笠-張笠(林文傑 ex-wife)-張穎川(蔣淑艷's husband)-虞夏花(English name Linda Chwee)-虞夏生-花生-生花妙筆-林妙齡(陸培才's wife)-林渺山(JungShiauLin's brother JungYaoLin's "Mean.How".)-吳妙振-逼真-陛下-鄭金花(Therefore, I suspect that 嚴樂 using her name T.T.money to where ever, not only trying to cheat the China or Taiwan Public Official Owned share holders but also using her name to send secret code)-鄔鏡華-鄔錦華-鄔鏡貴(譚陽's ex-husband)-王貴英(王永慶 and 張寶珠's daughter)-鄧碧霞(she's my parents 八堵 housed next door neighbor's daughter, she's years older than me, she sounding like虞夏花 and 虞夏花's sister 虞小娥) -鄧禹平(李美珍's ex-husband)-郭月霞(林榮泰's wife, JungShiauLin's sister-in-law, 郭月珍 and 郭月星 and 郭銅鑪's sister,郭金生's daugher, 郭金生 looked like 王永慶)-郭金生( 郭月珍 and 郭月星 and 郭月霞 and 郭銅鑪's dad, he looked like王永慶)-碧血-王雪玉(it said she's 王永慶 close relative, she changed her name and worked or working as real estate agent in California; I saw 魏瓏瓏 heard her name showed sounding like she's her 陛下) You need to start you busy killing duty now, first kill all female who ever had or have talked in person with Angus Tung after 2003. Yes, I say EVERY FEMALE ever talked with Angus Tung in person after 2003 must be killed, yes, that including Angus Tung's ex-wife, those female dressed animals ever whored on staged with him after 2003, those females looked like his out of minded fans yet indeed the worst form of shameless "Huang.Whore" gangs, do not fooled by any female fan's clean appearance looked in front you, always keep in mind if not looked like goody goody how could she fooled liars like Hillary(she's bigger liar than Bill Clinton, just check how she fooling or flirting Hollywood to sir with cash in) and Bill Clinton? Yes, that including Condi Rice and George Bush junior's wife or Dick 591Cheney's wife if the wifes had talked to Angus Tung in person after 2003. As White House female residents to allow "Huang.Whore" Angus Tung to get that close to herself alone already stupid bad ugly evil enough to deserve be killed. Taiwan military, you must be brave to help Mainland China and USA to kill those "Huang.Whore" FEMALE criminals or suspected criminals, because you are the only one who has no official relationship with both of them with the ability capable to do like that.Angus Tung be forced (in this world, we can only have freedom to do good things, whore on stage is an acting of body sale rooted to slave crimes, Angus Tung has whored on staged, he has no right to nose up to call freedom, shame on his shamelessly "TenAnMan" linked song " June 4th I still a.lie [a definition of whore]". Yes, Mainland Chinese too stupid bad ugly evil or too weak to stand up, however, weakness, stupidity not their fault, kids did not have freedom to choose their born land, government should not allow those "Whore" like Angus Tung or those "Whore.Sway" like "Phone.FAke.FAke" to dragon them speedily down to the hole; government should either jail them to do all they can to educate them to grow, or just nuke them once for all to make sure they don't fall further low.)to come to live with me may be (I say may be, because I am preparing Angus Tung may not indeed love me like I "THOUGHT"- that means I don't think by myself, I just do my best to please God and wait for God's call. Because thinking all the time by self like Chinese said "1.Sean.Chin.Yuan", like buddhist said "Huang.Jean." that falling you into "Cool.High.5.Byan.". ) good to my son too, because I sensed that my son deep inside his heart disgusting me, I have been a very good mom to my son as per my own point of view, I have stayed home for his order, he is a very good mankind son, does not ever slave his stupid moron mom, I am a good mom, I have done all I can to be a good mom, I don't like to take care kids, but I have done all I can to stay home for them before I have been doing that from my heart to please our True Loving God, I don't like to do house work, I don't like cook, those dislikeness looked sounding like not good, but it indeed good for the boy future mankind so that he can tolerate other good woman good natural laziness, I think the best I have done as a mom is "doing nothing" - this may explain how come "laziness" is good natural for woman; I don't gossip, I don't force (this may explain how come Bible said that God told Adam and Eve not to eat from apple tree, not to eat is an doing nothing way); I don't gossip to my son, I don't force or order my son, 膠原蛋白I don't know why or how my son got so deepest disgusting to me. I guess most likely because JungShiauLin trashed(It was an unforgotable image that JungShiauLin hit me on the floor and stepped me to force me motionless like he did prepare the fish as his sashime meat, I can understand my son effected by that ugly scene to have difficulty to respect [respecting cannot get by force, can only rely on the time to speak for you. This may explain how come all the recent terms of US President chosen to appear personally in front of the Congress to speak the State of Union to show US President respect any one lacking of respecting of his speech to the degree that unwilling to give him a bit of courtesy applause. Therefore, I think Chinese and Latin American need to take a close look about so called "禮", abusiing of 禮 is worse than abusing of Freedom, because abusing of Freedom has nothing to do with hypocrite, abusing of 禮 is an acting of committing the crime of hypocrite that will be sooner or later falling you all down to hells. ] me again, I just hope my shameful fall can get a positive return that my children will all have the determination to leave no kids or no blood behind.) me too low to get my kids to keep their natural respecting to me. May be Angus Tung mankind heart can help him to know that his mom is not a trash, his mom is God dearest good girl. The reason that Angus Tung may be good to my son, because I cannot in a fair and balance stand to speak for myself in front of my son, because I gave birth to my son already showed bad enough for my son to disgust me. Therefore, I hope my son remember his own disgusting feeling of his mom long enough to make him determine his wife or his only love woman must not give any birth to experience his mom's shameful path. Tough life has the most advantage point to help us see death the real like that is free from body jailed form if you know your life in earth have got Chinese said "無愧於心" score. This may explain how come woman better not leave her private place so that to least the risk to face the must situation to fight for righteousness, because to get "無愧於心" score, every one must take side with the righteous that fits his or her hearted eyes. "無愧於心" - Chinese so called "Chain" belongs to so called "身.Y.Zhi.5", you handed your money out of your pocket to others, you must see that money not belongs to you any more if you dare use God's name to fool any one, this is why God and Satan agreeing to use me to demand Taiwan military kill all Reader Digest current and previous workers, share holders and their slaves, partners once for all. Yes, kill all of them, their workers, their CEO share holders, slaves and 買屋 partners, individual good or evil does not matter, because every man and woman sooner or later will leave body jail behind not mention out of human being creatures.Military must follow the One who deserves your eyes to do "寧可.War.Fool.Ten.Shot.Ren. Boot.可.Ten.Shot.Ren.Fool.War.". 曹操(How come "Chu.Good.Liang" sided with "6.Bay"? Most likely because 曹操 killed "Young.Show" showed he lacked of "6.Bay" could foresee that you can live long only when your enemy has good better best mankind live long life) could have had had been that "Dean.Ten.Lead.Deed" superman to have had made the man made paradise in Chinese land if he had had got married a good woman like me. Therefore, you should know how heavy crimes that or those female dressed animal(s) that had or has tangled with Angus Tung; how serious crimes that JungShiauLin "Mean.Zhi.Goo(se).Fun" to have had rushed loveless me to have had to trapped into his evil minded marriage hells. Woman keeps in mind, do not chase any man, do not initiate sex flirt, if she does, she must prepare to have guts to meet deadly ahead. Therefore, you should know that Condi Rice's deadly ahead too deep to tell. Because Judge Clearance(correct my spelling if needed) hearing must demand her accountable to know the flirting crimes, former France President bending to her claw(s) must have had to tell her guilt. If you lack of the clear mind to know Condi Rice crimes deserve to die, you lack of the guts to help her to die, you are not qualifying to be General in any place around the world. Man cannot fully grow up till he has the lighted heart to make love with his only love. Therefore, you should know how heavy the crime that ChuChaoRen had committed to rape a good woman like me. Hell is a too good place to suitable evil criminal ChuChaoRen. Like Chinese said "男不跟女鬥", he dislike her or disagree with her, he must do all he can to avoid to see her face, if she keeps chase him to show up in front of him to make him no place to hide, he must do self-defense to kill her for the sake of the rest of the good mankind future. This may explain for extreme self-protection, woman better wears clothes to cover her face to avoid to show up in front of any known or unknown dislikeliness in any expected or unexpected places.Therefore, government official public school teachers, you must do your duty to tell all boy how important his only love can help him to grow up to his tallest, when he meets his only love girl friend, he must have the brave to tell her, and after he has the luck to get her accepted him, he must guard her with his all time long so that he can grow up to reach to the sky high after she died inside his arms tightly love. Therefore, I realized that because 西服woman is indeed second to man, therefore, only man can hold her after she good enough grown him high to reach the sky back to heavenly home; a man loves a good woman lifetime hold her with his true loving heart, he will grow up high to reach the sky and hold his only love woman together back to heavenly home like the time when the man was earth holding the worm sinked in the hells; a man loves a woman not good enough to grow him up high, as long as he truely loves her with his life, she truely loves him with her life and she's younger than him within his birth year cycle, she died inside his arms with his full love, he can hold her in the between to save her from falling into hells; if the woman he loves too young to fit his birth cycle, and she loves him with her life too, they will become Mandarin duck; there's no chance for an older woman be loved by younger man to be held by him back to the heaven or stay in the between or swim like a pair of mardain ducks, therefore, man must not waste time to chase any woman who's older than him. Single woman who unfortunately left alone can only rely on herself good enough to see God's love to die lightly(this may explain how come woman must stay in her private place out of duty, so that she can have the best chance back to heaven, by herself if unfortunately left alone or inside her sweetheart's arms if she so luckily died lightly "了無遺憾") to fly back to the heaven, woman is second to man, woman can only take care herself, no way to fly him together back to heaven. Man may have so many other things to take away his love, therefore, to have the AMERICAN time to PLEASE his Only Love WOMAN is the best luck he can have in the whole universal AT LARGE. 男人是女人的全部, 如果必須賣唱維生 也一定要帶 his only love woman夫唱婦隨. Yes, it is distasteful(Why distasteful? Because that must mean that woman he loves too suck [Therefore, Angus Tung, your shameness has your own to be blamed, because if I am your only love woman, you whore on stage already shamed on me, you lack of the guts to disclose your real age in front of China Communist female dressed animals that Sold out stupid bad ugly evil ?豫有? one of female dressed animal Oprah Winfred{shame on Oprah Winfred, lacking of the professional ethics to demand her slaves must not be allowed to question any guests ages} slaves " 陳?豫" the big mouth to "Zhi.Sun.Mar.Why" to congratuate one of your fan's younger "Tie.Tie"{http://6.cn/watch/479645.html}, you cannot be honest about your age, you should not trap yourself to face those stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals "陳?豫" alike to allow them to shame on good woman like me, you lack of the strength to insist silent nice, you lack of the guts to shoot 房屋出租 those female dressed animals back to demand them to disclose the real ages of themselfs, the ages of their boy friends, the ages of their husbands first before asking about your age or any one of the guests, you chose the worst path acting like "7.Sun.Pot.Ugly", you should come to my place "Food.Jean.Chin.Jway", you should not keep shamelessly whore in front of public place or public screen or on any stages; if I am not your only love woman, you deserved your CD buyers shame on you; you obviously showed no problem to make living from CD DVD income, why disgustingly whore on stage to hail those stupid bad ugly evil weak and wicked? Therefore, Taiwanese, you need to tell HongKong law makers that the problem must be Mainland Chinese woman, because you can check how Angus Tung falling down during this short period of time from June or July 2006 he came out to announce his "Tung Chow Gong JUne" upto 象山 “半?之夜”大型演唱?"; it not just happened to Angus Tung, it not just happened to JungShiauLIn, it happened to US current President George Bush junior also{you can check the record to get the facts how George Bush junior has fallen down after he back from Mainland China}, Mainland Chinese female dressed animals already showed not real humanbeing, they are worse than real female animals, you should kill all of them if you find anyone of them happening appearance in your land. It is a self defense must needed, because Angus Tung and JungShiauLin have been among the most moral value men, Angus Tung's among the best mankind, another's among the most evil; the evil man is very important for your country, because the evil man is the only one can grow your evil woman that evil enough to grow up to see the real evil for all of you.Because evil woman is a stupid loveless woman falling to bad ugly evil then see the God's love to become the servant of God and Satan. Therefore, she can have the ability like Chinese said "Ying.Young.Yan". Therefore, when EVil Man like JungShiauLin fallen in Mainland China, you should know that Mainland Chinese woman's evilness is uncurable; you can check how Oprah Winfred harmlessly existed in USA, how "陳?豫" sucked in your stupid bad ugly evil Chinese linked area. Mainland Chinese female, you should have the brave to see your own sicks, keep yourself within your own Mainland Chinese man, do not contact with any man came from HongKong, Taiwan, USA, or any other place, because they have no immune system to deal with your sick, you sicked all mankind that entered your place, your own country cannot have tomorrow.Therefore, Mainland China, for your own tomorrow sake, you should send your military aircraft to flight back all your female citizens that already spread around the world, do not leave anyone of them to bi 房屋買賣te you back, you must do your best to ship all of them back to make up your previous sucks, if you choose convenient way to leave them to die like Nationalless slaves, your deadly ahead too dark to know at this point. Mainland China, your tomorrow rely on how well done you can ship back all your female citizens that spread around the world, because the best well done not only can show your good will but also show the highest abled military fact in front of the whole world. I feel sad if Angus Tung indeed fallen down in your place that even his true love good woman like present me cannot have the power to make him back; I have no problem to see you suck JungShiauLin to dive to die, because evil loveless woman to get to see God must have had a mom like mine to have disciplined her with tough love since the moment she was born into this world, that kind mom "可遇不可求".There's no female born as winner, woman's win or lose all rely on the man she can meet, when female trained to eat mankind up, no one can be winner,all losers; to get female to grow up to see God, you must not spoil any one of them, spoil bret can only grow her become vampire like Condi Rice and "Lo Yen" alike, you can check Condi Rice and LoYen young and restless time, they both were better than me at that time, but the older the lower they are following, they wore little make up when they were young, they did not have the strength to keep their better view than me, they following the stupid bad ugly evil my foolish time sucks, I growing wiser, they enlarged their evil deeds. I am not smarter than them, the only difference is my mom raised me up with tought love, they are spoil brets. In this so called civil world,you cannot have tough love mom like my mom to discipline evil girl like Lo Yen,Condi Rice or me, therefore, you don't need evil male like JungShiauLin any more.] to grow him up; therefore, you should know how come you must kill all female that ever personally contacted with Angus Tung after the year 2003, because today or yesterday Angus Tung their victim, tomorrow you don't know who the next, could be yourself, your dad, your brother, your son, your President, Your General, you name the rest for yourselfs.Therefore, you should know How I have been blessed by God's love blocking me from falling into that suck; I am not smarter than anyone of those female dressed animals who had hailed-hell Angus Tung, all I have done is to please God's order not to chase him personally by myself no matter how hardship and agony attacked under love sick to me.), this may explain how come God has blessed the mankind to have the intelligent to make CD DVD to help 必須賣唱維生的 to sell products instead of 現身賣. This may explain how come "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" must have had to demand self th 景觀設計e highest moral value, because "5.1.Lay.聚.", "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay." "5.1..G.Zhi.Chang", your body cannot last the time test, therefore, you must have the most mankind work together with you to make sure they don't eat you bonelessly leaving you movelessly to die, therefore, you must have the highest moral value to get the best mankind agents to willing to guard your interests to help you to be able to have fair shares of the profits from your produce to make decent lifetime. There's no way for any "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" can stand the time test, because not only our body jail will sooner or later like ashes gone with the wind, the recorded voice most likely be faked like you can easily find in the web site that Angus Tung's unique voice already faked by some disgusting copy cat. And you have no way to trace the genius voice back like you trace history events or logical common sense reasonable back. Angus Tung has expressed eagerly commitment to seek Chinese traditional music back, I think he should first to check the web site to see how much his own recorded voice already faked cannot find his unique "Way.Dow.". Why those evil doers spent so much time to fake Angus Tung's voice? Because they don't want any one better than them standing in front of them. See! "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay." has no way to stand the time test, even their own "Bi.Lay" does not want good better best among themselfs to get the chance to last long to voice out of the ceiling time.This may explain how come Chinese said "說的比唱的好.Tin", because there's no way to fake your speech, anyone is welcome to read your speech, evil doers have no way to fake your speech to show up their slaves to make money or fame. Not mention "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay." like Angus Tung is too stupid bad ugly evil to know that Japanese style he so called "青春手卷" cannot be better than most popular Chinese vegetable wrapped fried egg roll that I have eaten in a Japanese Chinese Buffet Restaurant. Just see how much longer time the fried egg roll can "Lead.Yu.Boot.Bi.Zhi.Deed.". Not mention how good the skillful "見仁見智". "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" is always loser, even 見Dow仁見Dow智, still missing "說的比唱的好.Tin" important point to tell stupid bad ugly evil China Communist suckers that 國語歌曲singer winner must first be good enough to show 國語標準之音, ?大佑 "Be.Boot.上" 李宗盛 so obviously, not mention ?曲1990----?大佑 "Meat.Meet之音" too suck to compare with "真心英雄". Ture Love is not your "Sheng.Y.之.5." , "1.Dean.不.None.看破". Like Chinese said "是敵人不會是對手, 是對手不會是敵人", because your enemy can not afford to have the mercy to you to help you get the chance in the better position to win "知己知彼".   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 租房子  .

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